Learn How Church Online Platform Works

The Church Online Platform is a free tool from Life.Church that allows you to create an engaging online service for your attenders.

Five steps to your first service.

Film your service
Upload to your streaming provider
Set up your online service
Engage with attenders
Measure your impact
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How Can We Help?

If you're wondering what camera equipment you'll need, how to launch services online, or how hosting works, we have answers! Start with these, and dig in to our free guides and trainings for even more about online ministry.

What equipment do I need?

To start running services, you’ll need a phone or camera to film sermon content, a streaming provider, and the Church Online Platform. We’ll share some options for gear and talk about the differences between simulated live and live.
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How quickly can I start running services?

Churches can begin running services online fairly quickly. Many churches using the Church Online Platform started online ministry in just a few days. If you’ve been thinking about starting online church services for a while, or you’re feeling the pressure to launch quickly—learn all the steps you need to get started.
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What staffing do I need?

Churches run online services with a variety of paid and volunteer teams. The staffing you need depends on your goals of online ministry and your online attendance numbers. Whether your online Hosts are paid or volunteers, get some helpful insight into training them in our free guide.
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How much does the Platform cost?

The Church Online Platform was built by Life.Church and is offered free to other churches. All support, feature releases, and infrastructure costs are covered through the generosity of Life.Church attenders and supporters.

Do you have any best practices for online ministry?

Yes! Watch, read, or download resources to help you build a successful online ministry.
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