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Reaching people in their moment of need

We're not supposed to talk during church—unless it's church online. The beauty of chatting during an online service is the real-time life change that happens right when it needs to happen. In someone's moment of need. With all the barriers of geography, language, and inhibition removed, God is freed up to move in a big way through Chat Hosts, Live Chat, and Live Prayer

"Pls help. I'm an addict."

​This simple statement was Muga’s first comment at Church Online. Thanks to the Direct Chat feature in the Church Online Platform, the host Austin was able to initiate a private conversation to talk and pray with him.

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​As they talked more, Muga shared he was ready to give up his addiction to porn and accept forgiveness from God. He said he knew God loved him and wanted God to fill his heart. This opened the door for them to talk about God’s free gift of salvation!

What happened next is what the Church Online Platform is all about:

Real-time community and prayer.

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Muga’s life is changed forever because of Jesus. The Church Online Platform allowed him to reach out from his place of hurt and find a place of safety and support with the chat host. Austin and Muga may never meet—they may even live in different countries—and that's the power of the platform. Jesus still inhabits the place between them and brings healing and salvation.

​"Thank you. i'm so delivered!"

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Chat hosts are the heart of church online.

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Connecting people with Christ, everywhere.

"We've been able to share the message of Jesus with the people in our city and across the country. Recently, a mother in the hospital in Florida got to be "in church" with her daughter here in Flint, all thanks to Church Online Platform."- Matt, Chat Host

"Such a blessing to be able to recognize return visitors online in the chat room from other countries! Today, I welcomed Mary from Hong Kong back to church online for the fourth time."- Samantha, Chat Host

"Just chatted with Erkand in Ghana. He believes in God, and explained that his life isn't easy—he's the only one of his family and friends who believes in God. They've all stopped talking to him, and he was asking if it was worth it. I hope I was able to convince him that following Jesus is 100% worth it and that he needs to stay strong!"- Ruiz, Chat Host